The annual meeting of the NSAIS will be held 03.06.2020 starting at 13:00 on-line with the Zoom software due to the special circumstances and in accordance with the special provisions of the Finnish Law (decree of the government in April 2020 about the legality of holding annual meetings on-line due to the special circumstances). Detailed agenda of the meeting and invitation to the NSAIS members with information about how to connect (Zoom link) below:

North European Society for Adaptive and Intelligent Systems (NSAIS) annual meeting.

Invitation and agenda.

Time: 03.06.2020. at 13:00

Place: zoom video meeting

Meeting URL:
Meeting ID: 626 0596 9767

Lappeenranta University of Technology, Yliopistokatu 34, 53851, Lappeenranta (held as a Zoom meeting)

  1. Opening of the meeting
  2.  Recording the legality and quorum
  3. Approval of the agenda
  4. Possible announcements and letters
  5. Annual report and financial statement and auditor’s report.
  6. Next year’s activities and the budget.
  7. Other possible issues.
  8. Closing of the meeting.